• Visit HOME page of

• Click “EVENTS” to check on ongoing events. Click “GALLERY” to view available training videos.

• Click on ‘SHOW DETAILS”. This will lead you to “USER SIGN IN”.

• Click “NEW USER SIGN UP”. This will lead you to one time registration page.

• Fill up the simple form. Note down your password. Click “SUBMIT” to complete the process. Your e-mail id will be your login ID.

• Return to home page. Choose your event/gallery video. Proceed to sign in page.

• Login using your ID and password.

• This will lead you to ticket purchase form. You may choose any number of tickets as per availability. You can choose only one video at a time. Proceed to pay.

• You shall be directed to the Payment Gateway banking page. Follow the instructions to complete the payment.

• Tickets once purchased cannot be refunded, except when the event is cancelled.

• Once payment process is complete, you shall be directed home page. Click USER LOGIN to reach your dedicated USER PANEL. You can view/print your tickets, recent and old, by visiting USER REPORT – ORDER REPORT / TICKET REPRINT.

• For subsequent purchase, login into your personal user panel, click HOME on left side of panel to view and purchase event/tickets, click Gallery to view and purchase videos/tickets.


• Visit and register as per protocol mentioned on that website. Note down the ID number of GraceLife, which is a twelve digit numerical ID.

• Visit as a user. Select all trainings one by one, as per availability, and attend ALL the trainings available. It is a pre-requisite for becoming a trainerClick Here For Details.

• Select a TRAIN THE TRAINER training module. Purchase ticket as mentioned above. Attend the training.

• After completion of training, submit your GraceLife User ID to the trainer. If you have completed the training module up to the trainer’s satisfaction, the trainer shall recommend your name to ISOP. He shall also provide you with a new password to login into your TRAINER’S USER PANEL. Your email id shall be the user ID.

• Visit home page of ISOP, Click “DEPOSITS”. Make deposit using GraceLife ID. The deposit shall reflect in your user panel once credited. Deposit cannot be withdrawn for next twelve months, irrespective of your activity status. Maintaining minimum deposit is mandatory to stay active as a trainer. Withdrawal of the deposit after one year turns your account “INACTIVE”, though adding deposit once again can reactivate it. The deposit is collected as an insurance against cancellation of your planned event. Company shall use the deposit to refund the ticket price back to the trainees. Trainer is bound to pay additional amount of difference, if the liability exceeds the deposit amount. No deductions will happen if the event is postponed due to valid reasons, and if informed to all trainees and the company well in advance. Currently, the deposit value is INR 10,000/- (INR Ten Thousands only); which is subject to change in future.

• After receiving your mandatory deposit as a trainer, and after necessary verification, your account shall be activated.

• Now you shall be eligible to create events and upload training links through your gallery.


• The investment for the trainee i.e. the ticket price has to be decided by the trainer. As contact sessions require logistic expenses, the investment may be higher. Web based training can cater to more number of trainees defeating geographical boundaries, and can stay a low investment activity. Pricing is expected to vary accordingly.

• Whatever ticket price is decided, fifty percent of it is by default the Commission Value (CV) of the product. Thus this fifty percent CV shall be directed towards GraceLife Incentives in real time of purchase.

• Of the remaining fifty percent, eighty percent shall be credited to the trainer’s e-wallet in real time.

• Thus, if a ticket worth INR 200 is purchased, INR 100 shall be the CV, and shall be distributed in GraceLife. INR 80, which is eighty percent of the remaining half shall go to the trainer’s e-wallet.

• Taxes go to government, hence are neither distributed nor refunded, as the case may be.

• Investment for gallery is fixed by the company. Currently it is INR 2oo/-, which may vary in future.


• Login into your trainer’s panel.

• Ensure it is active.

• Click ‘CREATE EVENT’. Fill the form and save.


• Create your training video. Upload it on free display websites like YouTube. You can also upload it on your personal website. To create your best personal website at the lowest investment in the world, visit

• Once the video is uploaded, copy its link.

• Login into trainer’s user panel. Click GALLERY. Paste the link in the first row. Fill up necessary simple details about the video. Click SAVE.

• The trainer is solely responsible for the contents of the video. Contents related to politics, religion, obscenity, porn, and violence, anything that is illegal and unethical as per the law of the land, which can potentially disturb the unified and dignified structure of an individual and the society must not be created or displayed on this website. Any copyright issues, if they arise, shall be sole responsibility of the trainer. Company shall not be a party to any such litigation.